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Kara Agac Destani – Episode 12

Kara Agac Destani - Celal Aga, a powerful figure who eliminates his rivals, including Osman Aga, on the day Osman's son, Omer, is born. To protect Omer, his mother Raziye entrusts him to Asiye, Celal Aga's wife, who raises him as her own alongside her daughter born the same day. Unaware of his true heritage, Omer grows up to be a respected young man, in contrast to his father's feared reputation. The plot thickens when Sultan, claiming to be Osman Aga's daughter, returns for revenge, leading to a fateful encounter with Omer, sharing her birthdate. This is, Kara Agac Destani (The Legend of the Black Tree).

Serial: Kara Agac Destani

Title in English: The Legend of the Black Tree

Genre: Drama

Actors: , , , , ,


Duration: 108 minute

Quality: FULL HD



Statusi: Active